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County Commissioner Primary Wins – the First Step to “Taking Control at the Local Level”

Lucy Miller Quote photo

Congratulations to Skip Claypool on his win in the Geauga County Commissioner GOP Primary. Skip defeated the current chair of NOACA, PD-endorsed, and a supporter of the NEOSCC.

Kim Laurie also deserves congratulations on winning in her GOP Commissioner Primary in Lake County, again against the PD and established public officials.

Although this site is non-partisan, any candidate, regardless of party, that takes a stand against the NEOSCC deserves our strong consideration if not support.

There is still the matter of winning in November, but the fact remains that both Skip and Kim ran against the NEOSCC’s ideas and won. Regionalism is not a “fringe issue.” In Lake and Geauga, with undeveloped land and a healthy tax base ripe for “sharing,” this is critical. Regardless of where you live, taking two central counties out the plan is huge. We need people like Kim and Skip  that can turn this movement back at the county level.

Lucy Miller of HUD said it best,  although she was talking about HUD and NEOSCC.  “The most important thing take control at the local level. ” Last night we took our first steps in that direction.