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Before NEOSCC started they wrote —

Before Ohioans spoke, before any data was gathered, NEOSCC wrote the following.  The following statement came from the grant application submitted by NEOSCC to HUD. 

“Historic patterns of development have not led to an equal distribution of community amenities or access to jobs, education, neighborhood services, open space, transit, and municipal programs.  his has resulted in disparities in health, income, food access, education, and employment options.  Our regional Planning effort will identify how to best deploy resources to address these historic inequities through targeted community development, use or reuse of existing infrastructure, and the restoration of natural systems throughout the region.”

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3 Things to tell your neighbors about Regionalism and the NEOSCC

3 Things to tell your neighbors about Regionalism and the NEOSCC

A woman from Mentor posed this question during our successful recent Forum :

“I have three kids in their twenties, all living at home.  They asked me ‘why should I care about regionalism?’ Can you share three reasons they should care about the NEOSCC’s plan for NE Ohio?”

Excellent question!  There are a lot of reasons to not like what’s being proposed on the basis of our personal property, our rights, our liberties.  Not all of this is going to matter to 20-somethings, or some of your neighbors.  But here are some points that probably will:

If the NEOSCC’s plans are put in place:

1.) Your next job may not be there. Who would you rather have decide about job growth – your local community, or planners in Cleveland whose first priority is “economic equity?”  The NEOSCC’s plans will restrict job growth by trying to force new development and jobs back to the cities and away from the areas they are looking to expand.  Most job creation takes place over 20 miles from the city center.  Trying to restrict growth outward will chase away prospective employers or those that are here that need room to expand.  These firms will simply move to another region that allows them to grow as they desire. Haven’t we already lost enough  jobs to other parts of the country? Continue reading

The Case Against NEOSCC

How about some graphical evidence.  Simply click on each photo for an enlarged view.   Who is NEOSCC?  Formed by the four NE Ohio MPO’s and funded by a federal HUD grant.  Part of a national effort to implement, “partner for sustainable communities” efforts.  Sustainable development and the root of this effort began in 1987.   Skewed data, steering, and small datasets driving decisions is par for the course.  This is a top down effort led by unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats.

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