Cuyahoga County – Vote for the Sin Tax and avoid new regional taxes

Cuyahoga County residents will vote on an extension of the “sin tax” on May 6. If you live in Cuyahoga County and are AGAINST creeping regional powers, you should vote FOR THE TAX.

Vote FOR a tax? I know, it sounds crazy. But this is a classic of dilemma of two bad choices. Take the one you know and vote “yes.” The alternative is far worse for you and all of us – a new set of powers that would allow for a “regional tax.”

If it doesn’t pass, “sin tax” opponents have helpfully suggested this:

“The “Coalition Against the Sin Tax” has proposed an alternative to the sin tax:
•Using Denver as a model, which has a similar sized Downtown as well as three pro-sports facilities, we are proposing a multi-county (7 to 11) sales tax of 1/10th of 1% that could possibly benefit both major league and minor league teams. If the Chamber wants to promote “regionalism,” start with this issue.”

It’s important to note that such “regional” taxes don’t exist in Ohio, and it would take an act of the Ohio Legislature to create one. We have local taxes, county taxes, and state and federal taxes, in addition to Park Districts and School Districts. Now they want to create another level of taxes, using the our support of pro sports as leverage to drum up support. Once this first new regional tax is created, the nose is in the camel’s tent. They can use it to fund any number of regional initiatives, all under the pretense of “helping the region.” The heavily populated urban centers would outvote the suburbs and less populated counties.

A pro-sports supporting new “regional tax” mechanism is their best hope for regional funding of NEOSCC plans. Don’t let it come to pass!

If you live in Cuyahoga County, vote “yes” for the sin tax and pass this along to all of those against regionalism via the NEOSCC. Spare yourselves and all of us the possibility of a new class of regional taxes.