Citizens Against NEOSCC & Regionalism

Citizens Against NEOSCC and Regionalism

We are producing a professional video of the event.  But here are a couple of armature videos of the event.  They are actually pretty good and allow you to hear some of the great speakers.

We had a very successful
event with the help of many, including our panel of exceptional speakers,
donors, and those of you who attended!  An estimate from the college staff
indicated an attendance of 300-400 people!  Thank you, thank you, thank
you!  They can ignore a few of us dissenters who show up at their
meetings, but it’s more difficult to ignore hundreds!  If you were unable
to attend the forum you missed a great event!  Amazing speakers, standing
ovations all around, and a very befuddled Hunter Morrison, Executive Director
of NEOSCC.   And, one event will not turn the tide.  It will
take a lot more work.

Very special thank you to our speakers:  Judge Tim Grendell, State
Representative Matt Lynch, Hudson City Councilman Alex Keleman, Brenda Mack,
Skip Claypool , and Kim Laurie (Mentor 9-12 Project President).  Hunter
Morrison (director NEOSCC) also gave a 15-minute presentation.

NOESCC is asking for our input, so let’s give it to them!  Let’s make them
earn their $4.25 million federal HUD grant!  They need to be reminded over
and over, in no uncertain terms, that we will resist their Regionalism efforts
every step of the way.  We will be coordinating a strategic effort and
will need your participation, so stay tuned for more info! In the meantime if
you have any questions, feel free to email us at

To sign the petition, please visit

If you would like to volunteer to help , please email


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