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NOACA is all in.

NEOSCC is rolling out their recommendations and NOACA is approving those before any vetting has occurred or without any real questions being asked.   What multimillion dollar project would be approved with out some level of scrutiny?   NOACA board members have seen high level presentations and they have heard the propaganda from the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.   But, your elected board members sit uninterested and simply vote yes out of a reflex action, despite the over 1,000 signatures presented to them opposing NEOSCC actions, despite the fact that Geauga County did not participate, and despite the many who have simply asked for their to be a responsible hearing on their findings.   Why does government fail to do the responsible thing?  This is a perfect example.  The plan is to spend millions of dollars to support a plan that is questionable at best.    This is a clear demonstration of bureaucratic irresponsibility at best and tyranny at its worst.

But don’t believe me….go to this link and read pages 3-13 and on.  Objectives and goals…. February 2014 Policy Committee- Final2   Read how NOACA has assumed that NEOSCC (Vibrant NEO2040) will be approved even though there has been no official vote by the NOACA board members approving this plan.  Read about the objective to do “cost sharing” and to do regional collaboration.    This is a shameless power grab by NOACA and NEOSCC, which undermines our constitutionally based government in which we look to our elected representatives to make these decisions – directly not through unelected agents that have no accountability to the citizens in Ohio.   NOACA’s charter is to manage tax dollars associated with our roads and bridges to make sure they are kept up and in sound condition.   Their charter is now to set social policy regarding housing, zoning, water, and land use.

Where are your elected officials?   You may want to ask them.   This authors opinion is they are shirking their responsibility and hiding behind this agency.


Before NEOSCC started they wrote —

Before Ohioans spoke, before any data was gathered, NEOSCC wrote the following.  The following statement came from the grant application submitted by NEOSCC to HUD. 

“Historic patterns of development have not led to an equal distribution of community amenities or access to jobs, education, neighborhood services, open space, transit, and municipal programs.  his has resulted in disparities in health, income, food access, education, and employment options.  Our regional Planning effort will identify how to best deploy resources to address these historic inequities through targeted community development, use or reuse of existing infrastructure, and the restoration of natural systems throughout the region.”

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The Case Against NEOSCC

How about some graphical evidence.  Simply click on each photo for an enlarged view.   Who is NEOSCC?  Formed by the four NE Ohio MPO’s and funded by a federal HUD grant.  Part of a national effort to implement, “partner for sustainable communities” efforts.  Sustainable development and the root of this effort began in 1987.   Skewed data, steering, and small datasets driving decisions is par for the course.  This is a top down effort led by unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats.

whoaretheynationalplanwheredoesitcomefrom clevelandincontrol

Other Views of Regionalism

This issue is a nonpartisan issue and one that has broad support from those who appreciate the constitution, private property, and the rights of citizens to choose.   Stanley Kurtz is one such person.   He wrote a book titled, “Spreading the Wealth”.   Here is a youtube video in which Stanley explains his position:

Rosa Koire is another speaker and author that clearly articulates the issues and concerns of the regionalism.


Citizens Against NEOSCC & Regionalism

Citizens Against NEOSCC and Regionalism

We are producing a professional video of the event.  But here are a couple of armature videos of the event.  They are actually pretty good and allow you to hear some of the great speakers.

We had a very successful
event with the help of many, including our panel of exceptional speakers,
donors, and those of you who attended!  An estimate from the college staff
indicated an attendance of 300-400 people!  Thank you, thank you, thank
you!  They can ignore a few of us dissenters who show up at their
meetings, but it’s more difficult to ignore hundreds!  If you were unable
to attend the forum you missed a great event!  Amazing speakers, standing
ovations all around, and a very befuddled Hunter Morrison, Executive Director
of NEOSCC.   And, one event will not turn the tide.  It will
take a lot more work.

Very special thank you to our speakers:  Judge Tim Grendell, State
Representative Matt Lynch, Hudson City Councilman Alex Keleman, Brenda Mack,
Skip Claypool , and Kim Laurie (Mentor 9-12 Project President).  Hunter
Morrison (director NEOSCC) also gave a 15-minute presentation.

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It is basic..

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

“Government is not reason or eloquent.  Like fire it is a dangerous master and a fearful servant. ” George Washington.

What do we look for from government?   What is governments purpose?  I say it is the protection of our individual liberty and freedom.   Nothing more and nothing less.  When did we loose track of the fundamental principles that keep us free and great nation?  When you depend on the judgment of others to make decisions for you then you have NO liberty or freedom of choice.   Why?  Because you are like a young child that is not allowed to make decisions, but must follow the direction of their parent.   Is that what you want?

That is what the current NEOSCC effort is all about.   It about others making decisions for you.  Where you will live.   How you will get around.  Where companies will locate.   How much of your hard earned money you are allowed to keep.    Make no mistake, this is NOT about free choice of NE residents.  How do we know?   Look at who is leading the effort:   unelected, unaccountable, bureaucrats.    What are their values?   What principles guide their lives?   Are you willing to allow those whom you may not agree with make choices for you?

Yes all of what was just said can be supported and backed up.   From the federal government plan for NE Ohio to connections to a global effort to create the standards.   Only “useful idiots” will believe that NE Ohio is choosing for themselves a plan for NE Ohio.   This has all been decided and the NEOSCC effort is simply a process of leading NE Ohio into accepting it all….. This will all be be proven.   Open your mind….like a parachute you mind only works if open.

Stay tuned….”The truth will set you free.”