Before NEOSCC started they wrote —

Before Ohioans spoke, before any data was gathered, NEOSCC wrote the following.  The following statement came from the grant application submitted by NEOSCC to HUD. 

“Historic patterns of development have not led to an equal distribution of community amenities or access to jobs, education, neighborhood services, open space, transit, and municipal programs.  his has resulted in disparities in health, income, food access, education, and employment options.  Our regional Planning effort will identify how to best deploy resources to address these historic inequities through targeted community development, use or reuse of existing infrastructure, and the restoration of natural systems throughout the region.”

This three important points need to be made about this statement.    If citizens with full awareness allow NEOSCC to be successful we will no longer live in a constitutionally based free society, but anther type of society.  What do you think of that?

  1. Before any monies and before any workshops and/or data gathering NEOSCC knew what they were going to accomplish.  What does that say about their statements that this effort is by the people of NE Ohio?
  2. Do our constitutions federal or state guarantee equity of stuff?  What ideology talks about equity of stuff?  Right — Communism/Marxism/socialism.
  3. Your elected officials, some of whom believe in the constitution some of whom do not, but all of whom swore an oath to “uphold it and defend it” did not read this grant statement or did not care.  What would you say to them today?

HUD provided 4.5 million dollars to fund this initiative.  The four NE Ohio MPO’s (metropolitan planning organizations) are supporting this initiative.

Are your elected officials looking out for the constitution?  Are they supporting the citizens of NE Ohio when they support NEOSCC?

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